Drag Racing, Anyone?

In between trucking video gigs, I shoot all sorts of video projects. Texas World Speedway in College Station is not too far from the Texomatic World HQ. I’m kinda sorta a car guy. I used to own a ’71 Chevy truck and a ’59 Chevy Apache. Life and bills got in the way and I had to sell them but I still dig cool cars and trucks.

TWS has a long history of various racing events but that’s all about to be gone forever. In it’s place will be a 1,900 home housing development. The bulldozers have in fact begun clearing some of the land.

This past Friday, my pal Sam Smith of Brazos Drones was out there flying his fantastic mechanical flying contraption and also used my DJI Osmo for some ground footage. I was unfortunately out of town for this final event but the combination of his shots and my editing made for a quick yet cool video.

It’s been fun TWS. Us speed demons will miss you…