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Back at it again with a blog

So after much trial and error and hair pulling and curse words uttered here and there, I have rebuilt (again) Texomatic.com. I was using Adobe Muse for my website but I end up getting frustrated with how it works. One thing that is important for me to have is a blog and adding that functionality via Muse is just an outright pain!

The site currently is bare bones. Most of the menus lead to pages with no content yet but I’m getting there. I have quite a few video projects that I have to clear out by Friday and the fact that I got 3 hours of sleep last night isn’t helping too much…

This blog will be where I share projects I’m working on as well as upcoming podcasts of “Live at the Lounge with Tex and Sam”

If you wanted to participate in the podcast, I have set up a voicemail only line: 210-593-VIDS (8437). You can leave a message with your questions / comments and we may feature the audio on an upcoming episode!

That’s it for now. Go out and win the day!

Truck on…

Tex Crowley of Texomatic.com

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