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Podcast Plus Related Video Returning

Yup, that’s right. Back in late 2016, My pal Sam Smith and I started a podcast called “Live at the Lounge with Tex and Sam”. It was short lived thanks to numerous obligations and time constraints. With the long, hot summer gearing up, we are committed to picking up where we left off. I have opened up a Google Voice line to capture viewers questions, comments and responses. These messages will be the driving force for our content. Questions can be about trucking or video production or about us or whatever is on your mind.

Now I can’t guarantee every message will be used but we will do our very best to answer and comment on what we can.

Here’s a video excerpt on a conversation about music:

The number to call is 210-593-VIDS (8437). It will go directly to voicemail even if it’s 2 in the morning, you won’t disturb me! Be looking for our latest episode in a couple weeks!

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